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Athlete Leadership gives individuals with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to stand up and let their voices be heard, as well as teach them the leadership skills to help shape the direction and movement of Special Olympics.

These programs put athletes in an environment where people listen to them and value them as individuals. Special Olympics Maryland encourages athletes to choose the type of leadership opportunities that they are most interested in pursuing.

Training classes are offered to help the athlete learn the skills that are needed to be successful in the role they will fill. Special Olympics Maryland also helps train volunteers, coaches, committee members, and others to work with athletes in a way that values athlete participation.


Certified Athlete Leaders

In 2021 we welcomed our first class of Certified Athlete Leaders. To become a Certified Athlete Leader you must complete the Core Modules (Introduction to Athlete Leadership and Understanding Leadership) and complete all 5 of the Advanced Leadership Modules (Understanding Emotions, Engaging with Others, Managing Time and Tasks, Leading Discussions, and Unified Leadership). This is a huge accomplishment for these SOMD leaders.


Athlete Leadership Interest Form

Are you interested in getting involved with Special Olympics Maryland's Athlete Leadership Program? Whether it be learning how to give speeches, doing interviews, becoming a coach, or anything in-between there is an Athlete Leadership path available to you. Simply fill out the contact form below and we will be reaching out with different ways you can get involved.

Athlete Leadership Interest Form