Challenge: Justin Hunsinger Basketball Workout

Get your head in the game with this basketball workout lead by athlete leader Justin Hunsinger. Don't forget to comment your workouts or share them in our Virtual MOVEment Facebook group: MORE

Challenge: Agility Ladder Workout with the Myers!

SOMD team member, Mike Myers created a great agility workout for you guys and get brought in his family to demo! You can buy an agility ladder online for cheap OR make your own using sidewalk chalk. Do 3-5 reps...

Fit5: Strength Level 4

This week's Fit5 Strength Level 4 video is brought to you by our very own (and Virtual MOVEment Member of the Week), Annu Singleton! Annu took the Fit5Challenge this week and he wants you to do it too. Film yourself...

Minute to Win It: Speed Eraser

This week's Minute to Win It game is a great chance to e-race your quarantine partners! See who can bounce 7 pencils into a cup the fastest and be crowned Speed Eraser Champ. Remember to post videos of you playing...

Virtual Play60: Cardio Challenge

We've got another NFL Virtual Play60 video for you. This week it's a cardio challenge! How do you train in cardio? Let us know in our #VirtualMOVEment Facebook Group:

Fit 5: Endurance Level 4

Back atcha again with your next challenge! Fit 5: Endurance: Level 4 includes jumping jack squats, high knee jog in place, and side to side bounding. Try out these workouts and don't forget to share your videos at pictures in...

Challenge: McDaniel Women’s Soccer Team Workout

This week's sports challenge comes from the McDaniel Women's Soccer team! Check out this soccer workout including Ceover Mirrors and a Dribbling series. Thank you to McDaniel Women's Soccer Team for their continuous support of Special Olympics Maryland athletes. We...

Virtual Play60: Y Not

Time to test your agility and balance with a little help from NFL's Ryan Kerrigan. Try out these moves and share them with us on our Virtual MOVEment Facebook group:

Challenge: Star Wars Day Workout

May the 4th be with you! Every Jedi needs to focus on training and this workout is just what you need. Don't forget to share how you're celebrating #StarWarsDay in our Virtual MOVEment Facebook group:

Fit 5: Strength Level 3

You guys! Can you believe we are 7 weeks into our Fit5 workout challenges and already on level 3!? Keep up the great work and remember to share your videos on our #VirtualMOVEment Facebook group: SOMD athlete...