Athlete Leadership: Michelle Carder Weight Routine

Check out Athlete Leader, Michelle Carder's workout routine! Do you have a favorite endurance exercise? Let us know, by filming your workout routines and posting the video in our #VirtualMOVEment group!

Dance Challenge: Blinding Lights TikTok

OK, boomers - it's time. Here's your reason to download TikTok. Put on your dancing shoes and let Special Olympics Maryland Athlete Leader, Carmen Houston-Ludlam show you the way. Learn the steps and post your best routine to our #VirtualMOVEment...

WWE School of Strength: Endurance

Ignite your endurance with this WWE School of Strength Challenge! These exercises help strengthen your heart and lungs. This helps you to practice or exercise longer and with fewer breaks. Take a video of you showing off your Mountain Climbers,...

Fit5: Endurance Level 1

Challenge #2: Body movin', body movin', A1 sound, and the sound's so soothing. Get your blood pumpin' with this FIt5 Endurance Level video. Do each exercise for 30 seconds. Rest for 1 minute in between eachexercise. Complete 3 times. #VirtualMOVEment...

Athlete Leader: Peris Bennet Stretching Routine

Check out Athlete Leader, Peris Bennett's stretching routine! What's your go-to stretch? Remember to film your workout routines and share them in our #VirtualMOVEment group!

Virtual MOVEment: Why I Joined

Special Olympics Maryland is a family, and family is what is need most these days. Why did you join the #VirtualMOVEment? Let us know on our Facebook group:

Sports Challenge: Opening Day

As Wild Bill Hagy would say, "O-R-I-O-L-E-S!" Opening Day at #OPACY is postponed, but you can still celebrate your hometown birds today. Post a video of you trying our Opening Day workout challenge. Don't forget to include our #VirtualMOVEment hashtag...

Athlete Leader: Annu Singleton Warm-Up

Check out Special Olympics Maryland Athlete Leader, Annu Singleton getting warmed up to power walk and jog by going through his stretches. Be like Annu and send us your videos through the #VirtualMOVEment.

Fit 5: Flexibility Level 1

Challenge #1 coming at you! Let's get warmed up and stretched out with this Fit5 Flexibility Level 1 video. Perform the following stretches for 30 seconds. Make sure to do both sides if the stretch only focuses on one side...

Welcome to our Virtual MOVEment!

It's the first official day of our #VirtualMOVEment campaign and Special Olympics Maryland Athlete Leader, Adam Hays, and President & CEO, Jim Schmutz are getting us warmed up with some Fit5 Flexibility stretches. What are your favorite stretches? Post pictures...