MOVEment Meetings

9/18 Corporate MOVEment Meeting with Monique Matthews!

Check out this great Corporate MOVEment Meeting with Monique and our friends from Aerotek! #VirtualMOVEment

9/18 MOVEment Meeting: Dancing with Corissa Anderson

If you missed the workout with Corissa Anderson earlier today, now you can do it whenever you have time! These workouts are short and for all, so grab some family members or do it virtually with a friend. Get active...

Upcoming Week: September 14 – 20th

Whether you’re going back to school or work make sure you’re staying healthy! Don't forget to stay active and attend events to keep a happy and healthy mind, so you’re ready for the week ahead! Check out what we have...

9/4 MOVEment Meeting with Danielle Marino!

If you missed the workout with Danielle Marino, check out the recording of the workout here to get a good workout before the weekend is here! If you don't want to do it alone, ask a family member to join...

Upcoming Week: August 31st – September 6th

Monday You Can Do It - Zoomcast: Friendship During a Pandemic7:30-8:30pm on Zoom: Tuesday Social Club: Language and Culture Great Britain7:30-8:30pm on Zoom: Wednesday Anytime Fitness1:00-1:30pm on Facebook: Thursday Social Club: Horror Movies and TV Shows8:00-9:00pm on...

8/21 MOVEment Meeting with Jackson Manley

#ICYMI here is the MOVEment Meeting workout from today with your coach Jackson Manley. Check it out if you couldn't join us this week, see everyone in 2 weeks for our next session.

Upcoming Week: August 17th–23rd

Everybody stay calm! Everybody stay calm! Here's what we have for this upcoming week. Mark your calendars! Monday RJ Sports Talk: Cate Shepherd6:30-7:30pm on Zoom:  You Can Do It - Zoomcast: PETS with Dr.Matt Felrice, VET.6:00-7:00pm on Zoom:

8/7 MOVEment Meeting: Carmen’s Dance Fitness

#ICYMI Here is Carmen's Dance Fitness MOVEment Meeting. Check it out before the dance party tomorrow to learn some new moves! #VirtualMOVEment

MOVEment Meeting (7/31): Body Weight Exercises with David Godoy

#ICYMI you can still get in your workout for the day! Here is David Godoy's MOVEment Meeting for all-abilities from today. #VirtualMOVEment

MOVEment Meeting: Endurance Workout with Nick Logan

#ICYMI here is Nick Logan's MOVEment Meeting from July 24th. Now, you can get your workout in on your own time! #VirtualMOVEment