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Mask Do’s & Don’ts

Over the last few months masks have become the most important accessory to keep everyone safe. However, how you wear the mask is equally as important as having one. Check out these tips to make sure your mask is on...

Upcoming Week: 20-26th

A new week means a new lineup of fun events to join! You can check out our schedule for all the info. We look forward to getting this week started! Monday Athlete Leadership Training: Governance4:00-5:30pm on Zoom: YAPpy Hour:...

Strong Minds: Vision Boards

Have you ever created a vision board? It’s a therapeutic art form that can make a big difference in the direction of your life while de-stressing your mind. For some people, creating a vision board helps them realize dreams that...

Celebrate at a Distance!

As we begin practicing in small groups, it is important to follow safety protocol and social distancing guidelines. Here are some ideas for how to congratulate and encourage athletes while remaining six feet apart! Air-fives, victory dances, clapping, and verbal...

Upcoming Week July 13 – 20th

Check out the exciting events that we have in store for this week! We can't wait to see all of our friends. Find all dates, times, and links below. Monday Athlete Leadership Training: Governance4:00-5:30pm on Zoom: YAPpy Hour: Monday...

Kalkstein Chiropractic: (Ep. 20) Touching Your Toes

Can you believe it? We are on our final Kalkstein Chiropractic video from the Top 20 Most Common Injuries and Complaints series. We want to thank our partners at Kalkstein Chiropractic for the great tips. You can revisit these videos...

Strong Minds: Share Your Positive Thoughts

The goal of this week's #StrongMindsSaturday is to use positive messages to improve our confidence and ability to handle stress. Take 15 minutes today and do this exercise! We can't wait to see your positive thoughts! #VirtualMOVEment

Return to Activities Preparing the Venue

Practice Packing List

This #WellnessWednesday we have a Return to Play checklist for you! As we start our limited person sports practices this checklist will help make sure you have everything that you will need!

Kalkstein Chiropractic: (Ep. 19) How to Maximize Your Core

The exercises in this Kalkstein Chiropractic video will strengthen not only your core but help strengthen your back as well. Check em out!