Health & Wellness

Kalkstein Chiropractic: (Ep 2) Ankle Sprains

As promised, check out episode 2 pf 'The Top 20 Most Common Injuries With Athletes & Their Solutions' focusing on ankle sprains! Thank you to Dr. Warren from Kalkstein Chiropractic for these great exercises! #VirtualMOVEment

Strong Minds: Mindfulness Ep. 1

Wind down with our #StrongMindsSaturday. SOMD staff member, Jason Schriml's, parents Ron Schriml and Annette Neustaedter, are our special guests. Learn a few tips on mindfulness to try when you ~zen~ out.

Cranium Crafts: Pinwheel

Makers, it's your time to shine! Check out our first #CraniumCrafts tutorial, a Deep Breathing Pinwheel. All of the crafts featured in this series are easy to make and will help you to maintain emotional wellness when under stress. #StrongMindsSaturday...

Kalkstein Chiropractic: (Ep.1) Rotator Cuff

Wall Crawls • Flexion – 2 sets of ten repetitions on each arm • Abduction (to the side) – 2 sets of ten repetitions on each arm Sword Pulls – 2 sets of ten on each arm Remember! Elbow Straight,...

Cranium Craft: DIY Stress Ball

We know that these times can be quite stressful, so we wanted to show you a quick way to relieve your tension with just a stress ball. Learn the proper way to use a stress ball with the video below....

Health & Wellness: Huge Strides

Your small daily steps can add up to huge strides! Learn how you can stay active by just doing your regular routine. #WellnessWednesday

Health & Wellness: Sleeping Tips

Insomniacs! It's #StrongMindsSaturday and we have some sleeping tips for you! If you have trouble falling asleep this week, try one or a few of these sleeping tips so you can get all of the z's! #VirtualMOVEment

DIY Face Mask

Keep yourself self safe! Special Olympics Maryland's Medical Director, Pam Greenwood helped us create this very simple DIY Face Mask tutorial. All you need a bandana and 2 hair ties! #VirtualMOVEment

Handwashing Routine

👏🏻WASH 👏🏻YOUR 👏🏻HANDS 👏🏻It's always important to wash your hands, but never more important than now. Stay healthy with this handwashing routine! #WellnessWednesday