A Head Start

Special Olympics Maryland's Young Athletes is a sport and play program for children with and without intellectual disabilities, ages birth to 7 years old. Young Athletes introduces basic sport skills, like running, kicking, and throwing. Young Athletes offers families, teachers, caregivers, and people from the community the chance to share the joy of sports with all children. Click on one of the below models of Young Athletes to learn more!


Children learn how to play with others and develop important skills for learning. Children also learn to share, take turns and follow directions. These skills help children in family, community, and school activities.

Young Athletes is a fun way for children to get fit. It is important to teach children healthy habits while they are young. This can set the stage for a life of physical activity, friendships and learning.

The Young Athletes Program serves as an introduction to the world of Special Olympics while providing support and resources available within Special Olympics Maryland.


Want to get your Young Athlete, school or community involved? Reach out to the Young Athletes team at