Welcome to Special Olympics Maryland's leaderboard for our 50 for 50 Walking Challenge! Our challenge officially ended on September 1st, 2020. We are so excited for everyone who completed 50 miles or more. For those who got super close, we admire your determination and are so proud of everyone who participated! Check out our final leaderboard and congratulations to all of our participants! Our 50 for 50 Strava group will remain open until October 9th, 2020 so we can prepare for the 2020 Virtual Torch Run. We encourage you to keep walking, running, and staying active but note that this leaderboard will not be updated week to week.



Group Miles!

Tom Logue

579.3 miles

John Rock

482.0 miles

James Lillis

439.34 miles

Joh Follett

429.79 miles

Jeremy Degler

427.2 miles


Team Follett

2,471.28 miles

Swimmer Jason

1,324.68 miles

Team Logue

1,260.9 miles

The Rockets

986 miles

MoCo Pin Pals

938.83 miles

If you didn't make it to the top 5 individuals or teams, don't worry (we didn't either)! Use the buttons below to check out the final totals for all of our participants and teams in our 50 for 50 Walking Challenge!