Special Olympics Maryland's Virtual MOVEment was our solution to the COVID-19 pandemic and you, our users, are the most essential part! In our new virtual environment, user-generated content is what we love the most. We love showcasing the videos our athletes, coaches, volunteers, and even SOMD staff members have created, showing how they are staying active and healthy from home! If you are new to social media, video filming, or just don't know where to start, check out how to get involved with our Virtual MOVEment below!

Fan in the Stand

Fan in the Stand is our intro engagement level. If you are brand new to the virtual world, test the waters before diving in.

On the Roster

Level two! If you are comfortable with the virtual world but aren’t in it too often, you are On the Roster. 

Team Captain

If you are very comfortable with social media and use it frequently, you are one of our Team Captains!


MVP = Influencer! You love the virtual world and are very comfortable filming your own videos for social media.


Fan in the Stand

If you are still finding your footing with social media, Zoom, FaceTime, and all of the other virtual platforms out there, you are a Fan in the Stand! A typical fan likes to support group members, would rather listen in on a discussion than lead one, and might not be that comfortable on camera – and that's 100% OKAY! Try to do 2-3 of these tasks this week. We think you'll be on the roster in no time!

  • Like SOMD on Facebook

  • Join our Facebook group

  • Like a group member's post

  • Listen in on a Social Club


On the Roster

Do you have a Facebook, have you used Zoom, and do you hop on a FaceTime every once in a while? If so, you are On the Roster! Being on the roster is an important role in the Virtual MOVEment group. Your main tasks are to participate and to spread the word. Attend a few of our activities and tell people about your experience. Use the suggested tasks list this week, then see if your ready to be a Team Captain!

  • Invite friends to our group

  • Comment on a group member's post

  • Attend a MOVEment Meeting

  • Join our Saturday Dance Party


Team Captain

Team Captains love social media, have the Zoom app downloaded, and have no trouble leading a FaceTime call with their friends. The role of a Team Captain is to engage our Virtual MOVEment group. They want to share how they stayed active and healthy in the group a couple of times a week and are always ready for a challenge. Are you a Team Captain? Try to do 1-2 of the suggested tasks this week!

  • Post your healthy habits

  • Share a group member's post

  • Participate in a challenge

  • Ask a question in a Social Club



You've probably heard the term "social influencer" over the past few years, right? Well, MVP's are our VIrtual MOVEMent version of social influencers. MVP's want to work with SOMD staff to create their own group challenges, lead Zoom sessions, and are highly active on social media. MVP's are an extension of the SOMD team and drive recruitment strategies. Contact us if you are interested!

  • Create your own workout challenge

  • Be a Quarantine Cuisine chef

  • Lead a MOVEment Meeting

  • Co-host a Social Club