Classy Fundraising Page Setup

Your Team Maryland Classy fundraising page is your ticket to Orlando next June. Each Team Maryland nominee is challenged to raise $2,250 in order to go to the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games. Any marketing and campaigning that you do over the next year should always include the link to your Classy fundraising page. Read over the steps below on how to set up your page and start fundraising!

Login or Create an Account

  1. Visit and select “Join a team”
  2. Select your Area Program’s team from the list or use the search bar to type in your Area Program’s name
  3. On the next screen you will be prompted to create a Classy account or login into you existing fundraising account. If you have participated in a Special Olympics Maryland state fundraising event (ex. Plunge, Dunk, Virtual Torch Run) in the past 2 years, you most likely already have an account.
    1. Login
      1. Choose to sign in with Facebook or enter in your credentials to link your existing Classy account.
      2. Scroll down to “Create Page” section
    2. Create an Account
      1. Choose how you would like to create an account by selecting “Continue with Facebook” or by entering your email address and your password of choice.
        1. Continue with Facebook: Select “Continue with Facebook” and follow the prompts that Facebook/Classy provide to link your account
        2. Email/Password: Enter your email address and your password of choice and click “Next”. Enter your First and Last name on the next pop up. Click “Sign Up”
      2. Continue to “Create Page” section

Create Page

  1. Once logged in or set up your account you will see a “Create your page” pop up. Fill in all of the requred information:
    1. Fundraising Goal: $2,250
    2. Fundraising End Date: June 30, 2022
    3. Your Page’s Headline: Keep as default or custom to make it personal (you can change this later on if you can’t come up with anything on the spot)
    4. Set your Fundraising Page’s Short URL: This is a great feature to make you page URL custom to you. We reccommend using AthleteName2022TeamMD
    5. Future Contact: Select if you want to be added to our distribution list. We recommend doing this so you stay up-to-date on all things Team Maryland over the next year.
  2. Click “Next”
  3. On the next pop up you will see an option to “Choose your photo”. Classy will automatically pull your main account photo if you have one set up. We recommend using a sport specific or action photo for these Team Maryland fundraising pages if possible. If you do not have a picture on hand, you can also update this later and the default Team Maryland one will be used in the interim.
  4. Select “Continue”
  5. On the next pop up you will see a message that says “Your fundraising page is ready to go. Make sure to check out your Fundraiser Dashboard for some helpful tools.” Click “Awesome” and your page setup will be complete.

If you have any trouble with these steps, please refer to the Classy Resource Library. If you are still having trouble with creating your account or setting up your Classy fundraising page, please email with your questions.

Once you have completed these steps move on to personalizing your fundraising page!