Language Guidelines

There are a couple of language guidelines that you should know before you start your fundraising for USA Games. Make sure your fundraising strategies are following our brand guidelines by taking the following into consideration.

  • Special Olympics participants should always be referred to as “Special Olympics athletes” rather than “Special Olympians” or “Special Olympic athletes.”
  • Do not use the word “the” in front of Special Olympics unless describing a specific Special Olympics event or official
  • Do not place an “of” between “Special Olympics” and the Program affiliation. Correct example: “We are proud to support Special Olympics Maryland.” Incorrect example: “We are proud to support the Special Olympics Maryland.”
  • It’s recommended when using Team for your delegations going to USA Games NOT to insert between Special Olympics and Program name to keep the accredited Program name intact. Rather, use Team Special Olympics Maryland on first reference, Team Maryland after. Example: Team Special Olympics Maryland, Team Maryland. DO NOT USE: Special Olympics Team Maryland.