Letter Writing

One way to help you reach your fundraising goal is to write personal letters asking for donations from your friends, family, and constituents. It is a great way to spread the word about you attending the 2022 USA Games. If you have a lot of letters to send, a fun and easy way to get the job done is to have a letter-writing campaign. Below you can find instructions on how to start your own letter-writing campaign as well as a sample letter for you to use.

Letter Example

Dear Friend, 

My name is [insert athlete name] and I’m excited to share that I have been selected to compete in the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games in Orlando, Florida from June 5-12, 2022. I will be representing Maryland as part of Team Maryland’s delegation and will be competing in [insert athlete’s sport]

I’m from [insert athlete’s home city], Maryland and have been training and competing with Special Olympics Maryland for ____ years. In 2019, I earned a gold medal in [insert athlete’s sport] at Special Olympics Maryland’s [insert competition ex. Summer Games, Fall Sports Fest, Basketball Championships]. In addition to [insert USA Games sport], I also compete in [insert athlete’s sport], [insert athlete’s sport], [insert athlete’s sport], and [insert athlete’s sport]

In June, more than 5,500 athletes from all 50 states and the Caribbean will compete in 19 different individual and team sports at the Special Olympics USA Games 2022. To make my journey to Orlando possible, I need to raise $2,250 to cover trip expenses like travel, meals, uniforms, and equipment. Every little bit counts! Your support will not only allow me to take the trip of a lifetime but will help me forever change communities across the globe by coming together and igniting a light that shines brightly to celebrate dedication and perseverance and create champions for a more inclusive world. A world where all Shine as One.

Thank you so much for your consideration! 

[insert signature/name]

Letter-Writing Campaign

A letter-writing campaign is an easy, effective tool by which a group of individuals can share their opinions about a specific issue or topic. Which makes it a great way to share about your Team Maryland nomination and fundraising. Here are the steps to having a successful letter-writing campaign:

  1. Choose A Topic (Team MD Fundraising)
  2. Identify Who To Send Letters
    • Make a list of individuals that you would like to send your letters to. One that can be easily spilt up amongst a group.
  3. Find A Group To Help You Send/Write Letters
  4. Make It Personal
    • Take the above letter example and put your spin on it. You can type it up to make it consistent or have peoople hand write the entire letter.
    • If you decide to type out the letter we suggest including a short personal hand written note to accompany and show how much this means to you.
  5. Get Ready To Send
    • Get your group together to help you make/write copies, package, and address the letters.
  6. Time To Send