Use these resources to assist your school in implementing Unified Champion Schools programming.

Morning Announcements

Read this script during school announcements to get your community thinking about what it means to truly live and learn Unified. This script works well as an introduction, or teaser, for any Unified event you have planned-- like passing out the swag from your Unified Champion Schools kit in the halls!

Google Drive

A Unified Champion School uses the 3 components of– Unified Sports & Activities, Inclusive Youth leadership, and Whole School Engagement to create a more interactive and inclusive school community. This SOMD maintained Google drive is the holding place for resources, tools, documents, and more designed to support and facilitate Unified Champion School programming across the state.

Generation Unified

With every school returning to learning in a different way, it is essential that there are adaptations available to help make Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools® programming just as possible as before. At this site, you’ll find all of Special Olympics North America’s resources for becoming and staying a Unified Champion School in a distance learning environment.

UCS Promo VIdeo

Watch and share this energetic commercial (1:55) for Unified Champion Schools which offers a great taste of what the program is about and the impact it has on students’ lives that resonates with them for years after.

Virtual MOVEment

Virtual MOVEment is one of SOMD’s alternatives to in-person programming. This resource is full of videos from athletes, coaches, volunteers, and staff members covering a variety of options to stay healthy from home including social clubs, dance parties, recipes, exercise routines, and more! Check out the Virtual MOVEment site HERE!

YAP Host Manual

The Young Athletes Program Host Manual is packed with information and ready-to-use resources designed to help elementary schools and communities promote and foster social inclusion. There’s a lot of information, but use this guide as a tool to help wherever you may need it! Every school, home, and community is different, so it’s important that the Young Athletes Program is tailored to fit your needs.

YAP Website

Special Olympics Young Athletes Program is a sport and play program for children with and without intellectual disabilities (ID), ages 2 to 7 years old, introducing basic sport skills like running, kicking and throwing. Young Athletes of all abilities take part, and they all benefit. They learn how to play with others and develop important skills like sharing, taking turns, and following directions.

UCS Merchandise

We are excited to officially open our Special Olympics Maryland Unified Champion Schools online merchandise store. Now you can show your pride and purchase a variety of merchandise at reasonable prices. Whether you are a fan in the stands, a volunteer, an athlete, unified partner or a family member, there is something for everyone in our store. We'll be adding more merchandise so be sure to check back!

Printable Posters

Download this Unified Champions School poster to help get the word out about Unified Champions School programming at your school. Use the "To Learn More Contact" box to inform students, faculty, and parents of who to contact to learn about UCS in their school building!