Autism Acceptance Month: Sample Social Media

Make social posts about your to promote Autism Awareness Month. Copy and paste our sample content and use our graphics, or make your own!

(for schools and teachers to post)

  • Hey [insert school name] family, did you know that April is Autism Acceptance Month? Check out these resources about autism acceptance and get ready to join the celebration!
  • This month is Autism Acceptance Month and [insert school name] is celebrating with Light It Up Blue day! On [insert school celebration date] we encourage everyone to wear blue in support of Autism Acceptance Month!
  • [Insert school name] is celebrating Autism Acceptance Month and we want you to join in! Help us celebrate by joining in on [celebration of school’s choice] and show your support of Autism Acceptance Month!

Right click to “Save As” and use this graphic for your social media efforts!