UCS Toolkits: Sample Social Media

Make social posts about your to promote your Unified Champion School! Copy and paste our sample content and use our graphics, or make your own!

(for schools and teachers to post)

  • [Insert school name] is aimed at promoting social inclusion through Unified activities that create a school-wide culture of respect. Stop by our Unified Champion School table on [insert date] to learn how to get involved and grab some cool swag!
  • During the month of June, [insert school name] is celebrating that we choose to live and play unified! Join in on the celebration by stopping by our Unified Champion School swag table on [insert date]!
  • What’s up [insert school mascot]! Make sure to stop by our Unified Champion Schools table today to say hi, pick up some cool swag, and learn more about [insert school name] being a Unified Champion School and how to get involved!

Right click to “Save As” and use this graphic for your social media efforts!