Community Messaging Templates (June 2021)

Use our community messaging to involve your community in your efforts to show off how your school is a Unified Champion School. Copy, paste, and customize our sample content to spread the word efficiently.

Hello [insert school name], we are gearing up for the last month of in-school activities before summer break! As most of you know, we have been working with Special Olympics Maryland throughout the last year to broaden our experiences and understanding of inclusion. We’ve done a great job promoting social inclusion through unified activities, which has resulted in a school-wide culture of respect. [Insert school name] is a Special Olympics Unified Champion School, and we should be proud of that! Let’s use this last month of school to celebrate experiencing inclusion and all of our hard work! Please consider the following steps to make this month-long celebration successful:

  1. Check out and sign the Unified Champion Schools banner in [insert location in school].
  2. Make sure to check out the Unified Champion Schools table and snag a UCS sticker or pencil to show your support!
  3. Help throw a Young Athletes At-Home Culminating Event for our youngest athletes and future champions!
  4. We will be making pledges to include at — and we need all hands on deck! If you have not already done so, please visit the site and take the pledge in the coming weeks so that, together, we reflect the wider inclusive environment of [insert school name]. 

What a great year of inclusive opportunities for [insert school mascot]. Thank you all. Let’s prove that [insert school name] chooses to include!