Mental Health Awareness Month: Sample Social Media

Make social posts about your to promote Mental Health Awareness Month. Copy and paste our sample content and use our graphics, or make your own!

(for schools and teachers to post)

  • Hey [insert school name] family, did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month? Check out these resources about caring for our minds and hearts, so we can truly play and live well!
  • Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month by sharing how you keep your mind healthy with your self-care routine! Take the “How do you Self-Care” IG Challenge in 2 easy steps 1. Take a picture/video of your routine! 2. Tag us [insert school handle] and @SpolympicsMD!
  • We are celebrating Mental Health Awareness at [insert school name] by [insert activity selected of school’s choice]! You can join us by participating at any point throughout May, and by taking care of YOUR mind and heart every day! Care about your mind, so we can truly play and live well!

Right click to “Save As” and use this graphic for your social media efforts!