National Student Leadership Week

This #NationalStudentLeadership week we wanted to highlight a few student leaders who have been impactful at their schools! These students may be from different counties but they all have the same goal: to promote inclusion and create a welcoming environment for ALL! Thank you to all of our National Student Leaders for being great examples and enacting change in their schools.

Check out our Unified Champions Schools who got in on the 2021 Virtual Plunge and how they took it to the next level with their student leadership getting the entire school involved.

Salisbury University Student Management Team hosting Soccer competition every year

Oakdale HS Unified Seniors Honored at their IUS Senior Day

2021 Virtual Youth Summit

PGCPS Students presenting a Unified Bocce Demo at the NFHS Conference

Johns Hopkins U Unified Club hosting Unified Sports on campus

Unified Partner, Alexandra Helm joined our Maryland delegates for the 2021 virtual Capitol Hill Day where the delegates presented speeches about their own inclusion experiences in Unified Champion Schools.

In addition to being on the Bocce Team, I’ve participated in Unified gym class for the last 2 years and I’m also the Vice President of Patriot Pals which is a program created to integrate students with disabilities. 

Thomas Jefferson High School is a Unified Champions school, and before COVID-19 anytime you were in the lunchroom, you would always see kids always high-fiving, there’s no separation at the tables, and everyone has a friend. 

I think the classes and sports being offered to everyone, really gives them a chance to make friendships that they wouldn’t have otherwise, through gym class, for example, you can really make that connection with them because of all of the activities we do together. But most importantly, they know they can come up to you and ask or say anything. 

Because of all of these reasons, I think it’s so important to have in schools and there’s a need to create more Unified Champion Schools. Overall you can just tell in schools that have this program compared to schools without, that everyone feels more included at Unified Champion Schools 

Alexandra Helm, Unified Partner