SECU Kindness

Through acts of kindness, no matter the scale, we are able to strengthen an invisible connection we all have to each other and our community. Something we can’t always see, but rather something we can feel and experience.  Whether we are the doers or the receivers, these acts of kindness have a far greater reach and impact than the act itself and inextricably connect us to our friends & family, can positively impact strangers’ lives, and leave our communities better than we found them. 

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of our partners at SECU we are committed to completing 10,000 acts of kindness in the month of October. Secu is supplying Special Olympics Maryland “Kindness Kits” consisting of different opportunities for acts of kindness. At SOMD we know that kindness is a key component of creating inclusive communities of dignity and respect, together we can spread joy and awareness through the #SECUKindess Campaign. Join us in spreading kindness throughout Maryland.

Kindness Examples

We’ve included some ideas to help kickstart your kindness. Just remember that no act of kindness is too big or too small – and sometimes a smile is all it takes. Now more than ever, that kindness matters. With our partners at the Kennedy Krieger Institute and SECU, we’re asking for your help.

Kind Messages

Use your voice to spread kindness

  • Email a teacher and thank them for making a difference
  • Send a “thank you” card or note to the officers at your local police or fire station
  • Send a positive text message to 5 people you haven’t spoken to in a while
  • Send a gratitude email to 3 coworkers
  • Leave a sticky note with a positive message for someone to find
  • Hand a note or small gift card to a service provider (ex. delivery person or trash collector)
  • Leave an uplifting note in your neighbor’s mailbox
  • Write your partner a list of things you love about them
  • Leave a positive review on Google for a company, restaurant, or business you love
  • Have a LinkedIn account? Write a recommendation for a coworker or connection
  • Paint a positive message on pumpkins – combine the spirit of Halloween and the power of kindness
  • Share a funny joke to make others laugh out loud
  • Text or call an old friend to catch up
  • Say “thank you!” and mean it
  • Make a list of 10 things you are grateful for

Acts of Kindness

Get active and make a difference in your community.

  • Find opportunities to give compliments – it costs nothing and would make someone’s entire day
  • Donate your stuff – consider giving items to a person or organization that needs it right now
  • Leave an extra tip at a local restaurant or with a delivery driver
  • Pay it forward at a coffee shop by buying coffee for the person behind you in line
  • Do a chore that you know your partner or family member doesn’t like doing
  • Donate old towels or blankets to an animal shelter
  • Surprise a neighbor with a freshly baked treat
  • Smile at 5 strangers
  • Practice self-kindness and spend 30 minutes doing something you love today
  • Know someone who could use an extra hand? Offer to help for a few hours
  • Do a favor without asking for anything in return
  • Make a family member breakfast in bed
  • Put your phone away while in the company of others
  • Participate in the Amazon Smile program through your Amazon account so every time you make a purchase Amazon will donate to your favorite U.S. non-profit ( – Search SOMD)
  • Make a donation to your favorite nonprofit, including the SECU MD Foundation
  • Eat local – support your neighborhood farmers and small businesses
  • Plan to do something new or different this month
  • Play a board game or do a puzzle with friends or family
  • Start a conversation with someone new
  • Donate used books to the local library
  • Start a piggy bank for a good cause
  • Give your pet some extra attention

Get Creative!

You can find SECU’s Virtual Kindness Kits with various kindness activities ranging from Maryland-themed cut-outs, colorable cards, and kindness flash cards.

DON’T FORGET: Share a photo or video as you complete your acts of kindness at or by tagging @SpOlympicsMD, @SECUMD, and #SECUKINDNESS

Kindness Kit

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of our partners at SECU we are committed to completing 10,000 acts of kindness in the month of October. Secu is supplying Special Olympics Maryland “Kindness Kits” consisting of different opportunities for acts of kindness. For every kit requested, SECU will donate $5 to Special Olympics Maryland up to $25,000.

What’s in the Kindness Kits?

  • Kindness Postcards
  • Side-walk Chalk
  • Kindness Cards
  • Gift Cards
  • Wild Flower Seed Packets
  • Golden Ticket?

16 lucky winners will be randomly selected to win $1,000 simply for using their kits and submitting their acts of kindness. If you find the Golden Ticket in your Kindness Kit visit the SECU Kindness Connects website to learn more, request a kit, or submit acts of kindness at

Social Media Examples

Check out this sneak peek of my Kindness Kit courtesy of @secuMD and @SpOlympicsMD join me in October as I spread kindness and fun along the way. (Hint – you can request one now at for FREE!) #SECUKindness

Assets: Show a quick clip unwrapping and exploring your kit or feature several images of different items included in your kit.

Sending my ❤️! Spent the morning writing positive notes on these kindness postcards from @SpolympicsMD and @secuMD to surprise my friends and family. #SECUKindness

Assets: Show a quick clip or photo of dropping postcards in the mail or on a loved one’s desk.

[Insert three tags of friends, family or colleagues], I’m challenging you to share a random act of kindness. Join me, @SpOlympicsMD, and @secuMD in spreading kindness from the Eastern Shore to the mountains of Western Maryland! #SECUKindness

Assets: Take a 15-30 second video of yourself challenging your chosen friends, family or colleagues to share an act of kindness.

Sprinkling these wildflower seeds for my neighbors to enjoy pops of color and bursts of beauty next spring, thanks to my @secuMD Kindness Kit! What’s your favorite flower @SpOlympicsMD? #SECUKindness

Assets: Show a quick clip sprinkling the wildflower seeds on a walk.

Psst – what would you do with an extra $1,000? Kindness Connects is awarding $1,000 to 16 lucky winners for simply requesting a Kindness Kit and submitting their acts of kindness on @SpOlympicsMD #SECUKindness

Assets: Share a video announcing that 16 people will randomly be selected to win $1,000 and that the community can request their Kindness Kit by visiting SECU online at

Request A SECU Kindness Kit

You can pick up your own SECU Kindness kit from Special Olympics Maryland’s headquarters (3701 Commerce Dr. Suite #103 Baltimore, MD 21227), simply fill out the form below and we will have a kit ready for you to pick up with all of the kindness essentials.


Don’t forget to post and share photos about your Acts of Kindness tagging Special Olympics Maryland (@SpOlympicsMD) on whatever platform you would like.