Certified Athlete Leaders: Social Media Influencers

Our Athlete Leaders have become Influencers! 9 Athlete Leaders have started their journey to becoming Social Media Influencers to help share about their lives, involvement with SOMD, advocate for their athlete friends, and create a positive space about health, wellness, and more! Most of these athletes have been working with our Athlete Leadership and Marketing Team for 15 weeks to learn and improve their social media skills. Here are a few of our athletes’ most recent posts!

Meet our Social Media Influencers

Athlete Leader, Alexea Wentz at a Special Olympics Maryland event Cheerleading competition
Athlete Leader
Alexea Wentz

One of the ways Alexea is able to reset at the end of every week is at our Special Olympics Maryland, End of the One of the ways she can reset at the end of every week is at our Special Olympics Maryland, End of the week Meditation session. Alexea wants to encourage more of her friends to join her at these meditation sessions so they can experience the benefits of meditating for their mental health! See her post below⬇️

Athlete Leader, Alexea Wentz sharing a post on Facebook about SOMD's end of the week meditation session!
Athlete Leader, Willie Okobokekeimei taking a selfie
Athlete Leader
Willie Okobokekeimei

Willie has been staying healthy and fit by committing to the 90 Day Fit 5 Fitness Challenge! Willie is going to share his workouts, meals, and more as he continues to participate in the challenge to help give his fellow friends and athletes tips on how they can be live a healthier lifestyle! Willie is excited to create more content for SOMD, and share his love for fitness, football, and food! See his post below⬇️

Athlete Leader, Willie Okobokekeimei
sharing on Facebook about the 90 Day Fit 5 Fitness Challenge and how to get involved
Athlete Leader, David Godoy sitting at home in his Athlete Leadership polo
Athlete Leader
David Godoy

Global Health Messenger and Athlete Leader, David Godoy is another athlete who has committed to the 90 Day Fit 5 Fitness Challenge! David has been sharing encouraging videos to inspire his fellow athletes to continue working hard and logging their activity in order to live a happier and healthier lifestyle! David has created such a welcoming platform by sharing about his Hispanic heritage, health initiatives, SOMD, and posts that may have you adjusting your perspective, on the day in a more positive way. See his post below⬇️

David Godoy shares an encouraging video on Facebook about the 90 Day fit 5 fitness challenge
Athlete Leader, Elaina Camacho running a track event at the Special Olympics Maryland 2021 Summer Games
Athlete Leader
Elaina Camacho

Global Health Messenger, Athlete Leader, and LETR Athlete Ambassador, Elaina Camacho recently went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival this past weekend and got a lot of awesome stuff that she wanted to show off. In addition to this post, Elaina is also apart of the 90 Day Fit 5 Fitness Challenge, and has been sharing her healthy snacks and weekly workout time total! Elaina has a broad range of interest and knowledge so her feed is always something new and exciting, she loves to share about SOMD, and her Maryland LETR posts! See her post below⬇️

Elaina Camacho posted on Instagram about the Renaissance festival that she just attended. Pictured is a dragon mold, ball, Hufflepuff sign, and booklet from the event
Bailey Mewhinney smiling for a picture wearing his Athlete Leadership polo
Athlete Leader
Bailey Mewhinney

Athlete Leader, Bailey Mewhinney recently was selected to be a Team Captain for the 2022 Maryland Polar Bear Plunge! Bailey is very passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and staying active, current events, and he can’t wait to be an athlete coach at the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games representing #TeamMD. Bailey loves to share encouragement to his friends and family on social media, see his post below⬇️

Bailey Mewhinney shared on Facebook about being selected to be a team captain for the 2022 polar bear plunge

Athlete Leader, Carmen Houston-Ludlam standing next to a caution expert terrain sign while all bundled up in her snow gear while holding her snowboard
Athlete Leader
Carmen Houston-Ludlam

Athlete Leader, Carmen Houston-Ludlam is our fashionista of the #SOMDInfluencers as she recreates outfits of her favorite celebrities! As an athlete at Special Olympics Maryland, Carmen loves to post pictures and make reels from sport events, her Athlete Leadership classes, her cooking, as well as sharing about MOD Pizza as an ambassador. You can expect daily content from Carmen from fashion tips to dance videos, she never stops! See her post below⬇️

Carmen Houston-Ludlam shares an outfit that she re-created on Instagram that was based off one of her celebrities favorite outfits!
Athlete Leader, Ciara Gentry posing for a picture wearing a formal dress
Athlete Leader
Ciara Gentry

Athlete Leader, Ciara Gentry is just beginning to dive into other programs of Special Olympics Maryland, recently she has began helping out with our Young Athletes program! Between her posts about SOMD, the highlights of her week, and sharing other posts she likes or finds funny, Ciara is creating incredible posts! We are so excited to see what else Ciara posts about in the upcoming weeks! See her post below⬇️

Ciara Gentry posted on Facebook about the benefits and wonderful aspects of the Young Athletes Program!
Athlete Leader, Monique Matthews showing her muscles while wearing 5 different medals and smiling
Athlete Leader
Monique Matthews

Global Health Messenger, Athlete Leader, and DEI member, Monique Matthews is very passionate about exercising, advocating for her fellow athletes, participating at SOMD events, Athlete Leadership activities, and her family. Monique is very involved in the SOMD community from our Healthy Athletes program to various speeches for our Certified Athlete Leadership program, she has accomplished many incredible things since joining Special Olympics Maryland. We love seeing Monique share about the progress she has made on her weight-loss journey, and how leading #MOVEmentMeetings were a way she began her commitment to making healthier changes in order to live a happier and healthier lifestyle! See her post below⬇️

Monique Matthews posted on Facebook about her weight loss journey and how the SOMD MOVEment Meetings helped her make such incredible improvements
Athlete Leader, Marti Clark taking a selfie
Athlete Leader
Marti Clark

Athlete Leader, Marti Clark is an incredible artist, who loves to cheer, try fun tumbling tricks (like a back-bend-kickover), and play tennis! As we have been getting to know Marti, we are still blown away every time she posts about her newest creation, like her Flamingo painting featured below! Marti’s Instagram content is always something new and fun, from her incredible paintings to her healthy snacks and fun with friends, we are so excited to see what Martinezes will create next for her followers! See her post below⬇️

Marti Clark posted on Instagram about her artwork, in this picture she created an incredible flamingo