Down Syndrome Awareness Month

We love to spread awareness for our friends with Down Syndrome (DS) every day, but especially in October for Down Syndrome Awareness Month! Individuals with DS are no different than you or me, they have the same interests, feelings, and hopes. Learn more today about this condition, and learn how you can continue to advocate for individuals with Down Syndrome, all year long.

What is Down Syndrome?

Down Syndrome is a condition in which a person is born with an extra chromosome. Typically people are born with 46 chromosomes, but people born with down syndrome are born with an extra copy of one of these chromosomes or of part of a chromosome.

What causes Down Syndrome?

Down Syndrome is caused by an error in cell division, this then creates a copy of the Chromosome 21. This copy creates a delay in individuals both physically and mentally.

Types of Down Syndrome

  1. Trisomy 21 
  2. Translocation Down syndrome
  3. Mosaic Down syndrome


  • #DYK a chromosome is a thread-like structure that contains part or all of the genetic material from an organism? 
  • #DYK that 400K+ are living with Down Syndrome?
  • #DYK that 6,000 individuals are born annually with DS?
  • #DYK Down Syndrome is more common in boys than girls?

Incredible Accomplishments by Individuals with DS

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  • This October, I am advocating for individuals with Down Syndrome in hopes of creating awareness, ending stigmas, and showing why Special Olympics Maryland is important for these athletes. Learn more about this condition, and see why we are celebrating individuals with Down Syndrome all month long!
  • Join me in celebrating Down Syndrome Awareness all month long! Some of my SOMD friends have Down Syndrome, and I think they are the best! I want to help spread awareness about this condition, and encourage everyone to join! Check out this link below to learn more and help you spread awareness all of October!