Today we are celebrating Diwali-the Festival of Lights! #DYK that Diwali is the largest holiday in India? Although we can’t see the beautiful festival of lights in-person, you can read all about this awesome holiday or watch the videos by checking out the link below!

The Facts

Diwali means festival of lights.

Diwali can also be known as Divali or Deepawali

Diwali is such a large holiday in India, it can be seen as similar to how others see Christmas! 

The celebration of Diwali is celebrated over 5 days throughout different parts of India by people of different faiths.

This “festival of lights” is a religious practice of India, where many candles are placed outside of people’s homes as a way to symbolize the win of light over darkness or the inner light that protects from the spiritual darkness. 

Many countries celebrate Diwali because of the common theme of the victory of good over evil. 

Many celebrate Diwali by lighting an oil lamp, known as a Diya. They light the Diya to honor the goddess wealth and good fortune. 

The day of celebration for Diwali changes each year because of the Hindu lunar calendar as it can be in October or November.

Diwali is celebrated for 5 days.

Day 1: Dhanteras, is dedicated to cleaning houses and purchasing small items of gold

Day 2: Naraka Chaturdashi or Choti Diwali, offering prayers to ancestors 

Day 3: Lakshmi Puja, families seek blessings from Lakshmi to ensure prosperity. Light diyas, candles, fireworks, and visit temples. This is the main day of the Diwali celebration.

Day 4: Naraka Chaturdashi or Choti Diwali, the start of the new year many attend religious ceremonies and open new accounts. 

Day 5: Bhai Dooj, Bhai Tika, or Bhai Bij, is the celebration between brothers and sisters.

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