Team Spotlight!

Get to know more employees at Special Olympics Maryland that are working so hard to further Special Olympics Maryland’s mission and the athlete’s connection to their communities by sharing about the great things that our athletes are doing across the state of Maryland!

Meet Kayla Sheilds, the Director of our Healthy Athletes program.

Kayla works with our athletes to help encourage and provide ways for our athletes to live healthier lifestyles! Whether this is through health challenges, like our 90 Day Fit 5 Challenge, or sharing information about hydration, nutrition, physical wellness, and more at competitions across the state of Maryland. Thank you, Kayla, for all of your efforts to help our athletes experience inclusive health!

Learn more about Kayla:

  1. What has been your favorite part about working at SOMD so far?
    • My favorite part about working at SOMD is all of the AMAZING athletes who I get to meet and work with and forming friendships both on and off the sports field. 
  2. What is one thing you are loved about your first year at SOMD?
    • During my first year at SOMD, I have taken full advantage of all the sporting events we offer and have been able to watch a variety of sports competitions. I also loved that I was able to be apart of the Baltimore City Unified Soccer Team where I played alongside some pretty talented athletes- both on my team and those we played against. 
  3. Have you ever been a part of a Special Olympics Maryland or Special Olympics event whether as a volunteer, coach, participant (Plunger), spectator before this position? 
    • Yes! Before coming to Special Olympics Maryland, I was a volunteer with Special Olympics Pennsylvania where I was an IUS Indoor Bocce coach, a Young Athletes volunteer, I played unified soccer and I participated in a Unified Fitness Club. 
  4. Where is one place you want to travel to before 2023 is over?
    • Within the United States, I would love to travel to Colorado…. But out of the United States, I would LOVE to visit Amsterdam.