The Road to USA Games: Abby Reznek

Abigail Reznek is a Special Olympics Maryland athlete from Montgomery County and has been competing in powerlifting for many years. Next month, Abby will travel to Orlando, FL to represent Team Maryland and compete in powerlifting! In 2019, Abby won gold in her weight class at the Fall Sports Fest Championship and is excited to compete in a few weeks.

Abby is passionate about sound sensitivity awareness and is working as an athlete leader to make changes in the community to help others understand her disabilities and challenges that she faces as a result such as hearing sensitivity. Abby shares about how loud guns or whistles are extremely loud and hurt her ears – that is why powerlifting is perfect for her. She loves this sport and loves the challenge each lift entails! Since joining Special Olympics Maryland, she has found that she is fitter and her favorite part of being involved has been the ability to meet amazing people and friends, like her USA Games teammates.

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Q&A with Abby

Outside of competing, what are you really looking forward to for the USA Games?
If there’s time and I can, I’ll swim because I’m a very good swimmer.

Do you have any hidden talents or skills that people don’t know about you?
I’m really good at typing and noticing attention to detail, I can catch errors some may have missed in my job.

What do you like to do besides playing sports?
Play with my cats at home

Who do you admire and why?
Michael Phelps because he overcame his mental health problems, and admire how he advocates for himself and other athletes because a lot of athletes have the same mental health problems and struggles.

Check out this awesome throwback video and see more from the Q&A with Abby, to learn more about her before she competes in 14 days!

Strong Minds for Strange Times
by Renee Dease

Once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Abby Resnick could no longer participate in competitions, coach floor hockey, and teach drum and tone for people with special needs. She started to look for new activities to do at home.

“I heard about the Special Olympics ‘Strong Minds-fulness’ challenge and wanted to try it. I joined all ten sessions and learned different meditation techniques,” shares Resnick, a Special Olympics athlete from Maryland and three-time Special Olympics World Games 2015 gold winner.

Good luck at the 2022 USA Games, Abby!
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