Athlete Leadership Council Summary: December 2022

Saturday, December 3rd, 2022

On Saturday, December 3, 2022, the Special Olympics Maryland Athlete Leadership Council Meeting was held in person at the Special Olympics Maryland Headquarters. 15 out of 19 council members were present. We discussed several topics, including our accomplishments, old business, new business, and upcoming events.

David Godoy shared that he attended the international conference for the Law Enforcement Torch Run held in Round Rock, Texas, and told how he was able to carry the torch in his wheelchair. Adam presented to 75 members of the Maryland School of Dentistry and shared insights on how to better approach patients with intellectual disabilities.  Elaina shared that she presented the Athlete Leadership concept to her boss who works in Canada. Monique will create her own YouTube channel on behalf of SOMD, called “Work Out with Monique.”

We also discussed old business, including forming a small committee for the administrative piece of the Athlete Leadership Hall of Fame. Also, transportation issues for athletes when trying to get to practices or games.  It was agreed to create a Travel subcommittee with Annu, Bailey, and Quintanna taking the lead.

In New Business, Jason Schriml, VP of Athlete Leadership, asked for Athlete Leadership’s help in the ALPs Coin Feedback redesign. Members presented two sizes, and the attendees gave their suggestions on what to add or remove. An action item that came out from that was to include a ruling of usage of the Maryland flag on the coin.  We also discussed recruiting more athletes to help sell merchandise at the Athlete Leadership Table during Winter Games.

We then moved on to a new Athlete Leadership Council project, centered around the Summer Games or other Activities done during the Summer Games.

Some ideas during the games were Trading Card Sign & Swap, and more games, such as a games truck.  Other activities at the Summer Games include a Walk of Fame, misting stations, or Strong Minds Meditation in the early morning before games.  An action item that came out of that was that Adam to present ideas to Development Team and Steve Bennet. Then, would return suggested ideas to the ALC and whatever comes back will be the ALC Group Project.

We also asked the Council to think up ideas to create a project that they can do to benefit their own county program. Some ideas included: Send birthday cards to every athlete on the Eastern Shore, create a Spanish Club to teach others Spanish, create a Students Interscholastic Program; help Megan expand more schools in Howard County. Create a bridge from IUS to community programs.

Next, we discussed creating a Law Enforcement Torch Run Representative Plaque, brought up by Chairperson Adam Hays.  He said that the plaque could be created for past and present Athlete Torch Run Ambassadors to be hung in the SOMD Office. The vote was unanimous for this idea to take place. Adam will present this idea to Betsy Jiron and the Torch Run Council.  We also discussed bringing back the Law Enforcement Torch Run Athlete Ambassador Regional Representatives to help with local events that the State Representative would not be able to get to.

Monique Matthews, Secretary, and Baltimore County Representative shared that she has noticed that Athletes seem to be divisioned incorrectly and asked if we get division fairer at an experience level.  An Action Item to come out of that was that Monique, Adam, and Sam meet with Steve Bennett.  Elaina will share the results from the Board meeting on divisioning.

Finally, Adam Hays shared that Tuesday, April 4th will be our next meeting.  The meeting was closed at 12:52 pm.