Sponsor Highlight: Pizza Boli’s

Making pies since ‘85, Pizza Boli’s is committed to providing fresh, never frozen pizza to over 80 locations across the DMV. With our diverse menu and quality ingredients, we ensure that we deliver more taste and foster inclusivity across many different communities. 

After being proudly partnered with Pathfinders for Autism for over 5 years, we are excited for this new opportunity to grow our Pizza Boli’s family! In addition to our partnership, we are thrilled to be the first organization to sponsor SOMD trading cards. Join us in collecting as many as you can!

Family, friends, volunteers, athletes, and plungers, thank you for accepting us into your community with open arms. We look forward to a future partnership of success and growth. We hope you stay happy, healthy, and hungry! Let the games begin!

Check out this awesome reel from the 2023 Summer Games, thanks @pizzabolis!