SOMD Spotlight: Marva Davis

Marva Davis has been volunteering with Special Olympics Maryland – Washington County since SOMD’s incorporation in 1970. She is celebrating a well-deserved retirement and President & CEO, Jim Schmutz sat down with Marva to talk about her journey with Special Olympics Maryland. 

Marva has many memories from her time with Special Olympics but a few moments with Eunice Kennedy Shriver, the Founder of Special Olympics, stick out to her. 

Marva met Eunice Kennedy Shriver a few times throughout her Special Olympics career. Marva’s first encounter with Mrs. Shriver was at a regional meeting at her home in Potomac, Maryland. Marva remembers walking in and thinking “these are my people” and that she felt like family in Eunice’s home. That’s the way Mrs. Shriver treated Marva and her colleagues, like family – a trait that Marva shares with Eunice. Special Olympics Maryland is family. 

Marva says that Eunice Kennedy Shriver was “a visionary before her time.” Eunice showed Marva that “no matter who you are, or what your disability is, you need to treat everybody like they are human beings and somebody that you want to get to know.” Marva left Eunice’s house and told herself, “I need to step my game up.” Eunice was an inspiration to many, but especially Marva.