Submit your videos!

We LOVE your videos! If you have not submitted your LETR Virtual Torch or Happy Anniversary SOMD video, here is your reminder! Details for each video can be found below! Please submit all videos by Wednesday, May 27th!

Happy Anniversary SOMD Video

Due Date: Wednesday, May 27th

Printable Filming Checklist

Video Concept
Can you believe that we are celebrating 50 years of Special Olympics Maryland this year? No? Neither can we! We have a lot of great things planned out for the next year and the first task on the list is celebrating, but we need your help. We need you, our family, to wish Special Olympics Maryland a very happy 50th birthday. See the specific details below and remember to use your filming checklist!

Filming Guidelines

  1. Wear a Special Olympics Maryland shirt, jersey, or hat!
  2. Film yourself saying one or all of the lines in the “Script” section below. If you want to see more than one line, make sure you pause for 5 seconds in between each line.
  3. Make sure you are filming horizontally like the example below:

Script Options

  • Short & Sweet
    • Happy 50th Birthday Special Olympics Maryland
    • Happy Birthday Special Olympics Maryland!
    • Happy 50th Birthday SOMD!
    • Happy Birthday, SOMD!
    • Happy 50th!
  • SOMD Testimonial (A little bit longer option. Please keep these messages under 30 seconds!)
    • How Special Olympics Maryland has changed your life?
    • What you love about Special Olympics Maryland
    • Your favorite Special Olympics Maryland memory
Check out this example video!

LETR Virtual Torch Video

Due Date: Wednesday, May 27th

Printable Directions

Video Concept
To “carry” our LETR torch across the state. Each person participating will create a 3-5 second video, receiving the “torch” and passing it on to the next person. These clips will be compiled together to create one long torch run. We want everyone in the Special Olympics Maryland and LETR community to participate!

Filming Guidelines
Wear an LETR or SOMD shirt! Film yourself grabbing the torch out of frame on your right, bring it into frame, then pass it o to the next person your left out of frame (mirror the steps below). Make sure you are filming horizontally like the example to the right.

DIY Torches
We came up with a few easy DIY’s to create your own torch for the video. If you aren’t a maker, that’s okay! Use any of these household objects: lighter, match, candle, tiki torch, flashlight, lantern, or a small lamp!

Check out this example video!

Filming Checklist

Printable Filming Checklist

In our new virtual world, the demand for video and digital content has increased exponentially. We want to be able to feature all of our 8,716 athletes and our entire SOMD community as much as possible and we are going to need your help! Please be on the lookout for video requests from us for the foreseeable future. These videos will be posted on SOMD social media and websites. Each video request will have specific instructions but please go through this best practices checklist before you shoot!

  • Read all instructions carefully!
    Make sure that you read the provided instructions or one-pager in detail
  • Eliminate background distractions
    Choose a filming spot that has no background noise so your voice will be loud and clear. Also be sure that the area behind you is clean
  • Stabilize your camera!
    Use boxes, books, and window sills, to rest your phone on. If you are holding your phone use your PopSocket or phone ring
  • Find your lighting
    Avoid spotlights and other concentrated sources that can throw o the exposure. Make sure there isn’t a bright window behind you!
  • Sharing your video files
    Once you have completed your video shoot, send your files to If the files are too large to send, please contact the person who requested the video from you and they will help you troubleshoot!