50 for 50 Walking Challenge

ALERT! We have a brand new challenge launching next week. Introducing our 50 for 50 Walking Challenge, which lets you celebrate the 50th anniversary with fitness! Participants will commit to walking (or running!) 50 miles by September 1, 2020! Learn more and get registered here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/6BGX3PC

Tracking can be done over Strava: www.strava.com/clubs/SOMD50

When you walk or run, use the Strava App to record your miles. We will pull miles on Sunday Morning for the previous week for our leader board. Remember, the Strava App Leader Board will only show those using Strava. Our Social Media and Email Updates will show everyone from both Strava and the Online. Please make sure you ‘turn off’ the app when doing activities outside of walking as it will record whatever you do.

What can be ‘counted’ towards your miles: We know some people will use a FitBit or other tracker which counts cumulative steps and distance during the day—- as long as you’re walking or running, you’re good to count them. Anything on wheels doesn’t count. We want this to increase our physical activity so in addition to all of the walking that we typically do in our house, at the store, and to the mailbox…so try and do some extra steps on your way to 50 or 100 miles!