Best Practices: Filming Videos

In our new virtual world, the demand for video and digital content has increased exponentially. We want to be able to feature all of our 8,716 athletes and our entire SOMD community as much as possible and we are going to need your help! Please be on the lookout for video requests from us for the foreseeable future. These videos will be posted on SOMD social media and websites. Each video request will have specific instructions but please go through this best practices checklist before you shoot!

Master Camera Angles
The best way to film a video is in landscape mode. If you are not able to stablize your phone for a wide shot, you can use the close up selfie style shot.

Shoot Your Video
Once you have decided if a wide or close shot will work best, remember to keep these filming tips in mind!

Edit Your Videos
If you have recorded a very long video and need to split it into short clips or get rid of unwanted parts of a video, you can follow this tutorial to trim videos on iPhone directly from the stock Photos app. Check out this tutorial and give it a try yourself!