Sample Social Posts

The Maryland Spread the Word resource folder is available HERE, which includes a pdf of the 2022 Toolkit, pledge flyers, Spirit Week information, awareness activities, logos, and MORE! Additional resources and references are also provided below.

Social Hashtags

Please use the following hashtags in all of the social you post on or around March 2nd, 2022 to help grow the campaign and increase social reach and engagement. #SpreadTheWordMD  #ExperienceInclusion #ChoosetoInclude


Social media has proven to be a very effective way to raise awareness for Spread the Word. Social media allow people to engage in conversations that help change attitudes and drive people to pledge at Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are simple but effective engagement tools to Spread the Word about inclusion to your friends and family.

Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter

For Students:

I just signed the pledge to #SpreadTheWord: Inclusion! By signing this pledge, I promise to take action toward inclusion in my school & community. Will you join me and sign the pledge? #PledgeToInclude #SpreadTheWordMD @SpOlympicsMD

For Teachers:

I just signed the pledge to #SpreadTheWord: Inclusion! My classroom = a place where every student is respected and included. Take the pledge with me and together we can create a better world. #SpreadTheWord #PledgeToInclude #SpreadTheWordMD @SpOlympicsMD

For Schools:

  1. Students & faculty at [insert school name] are signing the pledge to #SpreadTheWord: Inclusion! We commit to using people-first language & creating an inclusive environment for our students to learn and grow. Join us and pledge #SpreadTheWordMD @SpOlympicsMD
  2. We strive to create a positive environment where everyone feels respected and included. Parents, faculty, and students, let’s join together and #PledgeToInclude! #SpreadTheWordMD @SpOlympicsMD

Other Suggested Tags

  • @SpOlympicsMD 
  • @ESPNCitizenship 
  • @SpOlympicsMD
  • #ExperienceInclusion
  • #SpreadTheWordMD
  • #STWMd
  • #PlayUnifiedMD
  • #PlayUnifiedLiveUnifiedMD