Looking for ways to help students of ALL abilities within your school experience inclusion? Use this timeline and the offered resources to plan upcoming Unified programming and celebrations. This semester offers plenty of chances to educate, inspire, and INCLUDE! To request support from the Unified Champion Schools teams, email with any questions.

Unified Champion Schools Kits


Summer is on the horizon... Let’s close out this unprecedented school year in UNIFIED fashion, celebrating the benefits that being a Unified Champion School has for ALL students.

Special Olympics Maryland is proud to offer FREE Unified Champion Schools Kits to promote the mission of inclusion in your school. Order a kit and use the swag inside, at whatever time and place works for your school, to get your student body excited about living Unified. Whether you’re a veteran Unified Champion School or are in the planning stage, these kits are a passport to creating and sustaining a Unified culture in your school-- they include resources to help organize clubs and events, a t-shirt, signable banner, posters, stickers, buttons and MORE!

Opportunities Archive

Materials for annual campaigns to help you plan ahead!