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On this page, find past SOMD school inclusion opportunities and all related materials. NOTE: Many of these celebrations are held annually, so use everything on this page as a resource to plan and be ready for next year!

Inclusive Schools Week

Join in the state-wide celebration on Be sure to wear your school colors!

What is an inclusive school? ... one where students of all abilities are routinely engaged and valued members of their school communities.

The time for inclusion is NOW! As this year has progressed, we have an unusual vantage point for understanding an even broader meaning of inclusion. Across the world, we are experiencing a new form of isolation that is required in response to the coronavirus pandemic. But in the not too distant future, we will be able to celebrate our resilience in the face of difficulty and experience the joys of being included in a community that learns, plays, and works together. Inclusive Schools Network

This toolkit is a brief, one-stop-shop for anyone celebrating the benefits of an inclusive learning environment. Whether you’re a student, parent, teacher, administrator, or any other champion of inclusion -- read on! Questions? Want to know more? Contact us:

Commit to promoting inclusive schools all year long by taking the Inclusive Schools Pledge!

Autism Acceptance Month


Use our Autism Acceptance Month activities to engage your schools all month long!

Learn about how common Autism spectrum disorder is, how every diagnosis is as different as the person, and that we are each individuals with our own strengths and abilities.

World Health Day


Use our World Health Day activities to engage your school on Wednesday, April 7th!

Have students of ALL abilities share about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle to play well and live well. You could make it a part of the morning announcements, a school-wide health challenge, or another project that will get the attention of the student body.

National Student Leadership Week


Use our National Student Leadership Week activities to engage your school April 18th through the 24th!

Inspire students of ALL abilities to see themselves as agents of change.

Mental Health Awareness Month


Use our Mental Health Awareness Month activities to engage your school during the month of May!

Being “healthy” means more than keeping our bodies in shape. Let’s make sure we’re also caring for our minds and hearts, so we can truly play and live well!

National Physical Fitness & Sports Month


Use our National Physical Fitness & Sport Month activities to engage your school during the month of May!

Celebrate the power that sports have to create interactive environments of inclusion for ALL!

Unified Champion Schools Kits


Summer is on the horizon... Let’s close out this unprecedented school year in UNIFIED fashion, celebrating the benefits that being a Unified Champion School has for ALL students.

Special Olympics Maryland is proud to offer FREE Unified Champion Schools Kits to promote the mission of inclusion in your school. Order a kit and use the swag inside, at whatever time and place works for your school, to get your student body excited about living Unified. Whether you’re a veteran Unified Champion School or are in the planning stage, these kits are a passport to creating and sustaining a Unified culture in your school-- they include resources to help organize clubs and events, a t-shirt, signable banner, posters, stickers, buttons and MORE!