Community Messaging Templates (May 2021)

Use our community messaging to involve your community in your efforts for Autism Acceptance Month, World Health Day, National Student Leadership Week, and Spread the Word >> Inclusion. Copy, paste, and customize our sample content to spread the word efficiently.

Our [insert school name] community is joining Special Olympics Maryland throughout the month of May to experience inclusion. Our goal is to show our school-wide commitment to using respectful language, genuinely including people regardless of differences, and standing against name-calling and bullying. Please consider the following steps to make this month-long celebration successful:

National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

May is National Physical Fitness and Sports month, here at [insert school name] we are committing ourselves to celebrate the power that sports have to create interactive environments of inclusion for ALL [insert school mascot]! Throughout the month of May, [insert school name] will be doing [choose one way to engage students from the following: making it a part of the morning announcements, a school-wide fitness challenge, healthy bingo, check out here for a complete list of ideas and actions]. And remember [enter mascot], to live unified is to play unified!

Mental Health Awareness Month

May is also Mental Health Awareness Month! [Insert school name] is calling our students of all abilities to think about why mental health matters. Being” healthy” means more than keeping our bodies in shape. Let’s make sure we’re also caring for our minds and hearts so that we can truly play and live well! Here at [insert school name], we plan to learn more about mental health by [choose one way to engage students from the following: using the mental health awareness monthly morning announcement template, STRONG MINDS Activity cards, “how do you self-care” activity, mental health month toolkit].

Make Your Pledge for Inclusion!

We will be making pledges to include at — and we need all hands on deck! If you have not already done so, please visit the site and take the pledge in the coming weeks so that, together, we reflect the wider inclusive environment of [insert school name]

What a full month of inclusive opportunities for [insert school mascot]. Thank you all. Let’s prove that [insert school name] chooses to include!