Thank You, Interns!

We can’t thank our incredible interns enough for taking time this summer to improve our athletes’ experiences at events, practices, and programs they participate in. This summer Special Olympics Maryland had two interns help out, Cameron Mangold researched strategies to increase volunteer participation at the local community level in our Volunteer department and Marissa king helped teach in our Young Athletes program twice a week as well as create a video lessons program. We can’t thank both of these incredible interns enough for all of their efforts this summer! Learn more about our Summer Interns and our Internship program to see how else these two women helped create new opportunities for our athletes

Cameron Mangold

Cameron worked on a project that will hopefully expand NCAA DIII/Special Olympics Organization College Club partnerships throughout the State of Maryland, and this is just one of the ways Cameron and the SOMD are trying to spread the word about the importance of volunteers at SOMD events are to the success of all of our program activities.  In addition to this awesome work, Cameron is also looking for new ways to thank our wonderful volunteers who give their time to make our programs and events successful, like through electronic birthday cards for volunteers’ birthdays. 

We asked Cameron what she would say to someone thinking about interning with SOMD in the future, and she said, “If you are interested in making a difference in the lives of amazing athletes, then this is the place to be. Working with SOMD empowers and uplifts athletes of all abilities to be leaders and educators of change. It is a gift to be able to be a part of this. Come be a part of this organization and make a difference not only in the future lives of these athletes but also in the communities around us.” 

Thank you, Cameron, for making a difference for our athletes by dedicating your time this summer and encouraging your community to get involved with SOMD and by finding new ways to show our appreciation for all of our incredible volunteers! Because of incredible interns like you, we are able to create a world that is not limited by a disability! 

Marissa King

Marissa spent most of her time with the Young Athletes program, she was able to meet and help so many young athletes, which are athletes from 2-7 years old by running our YAPpy Hour sessions twice a week. Marissa is also creating a six-week lesson plan videos to send to our in-school and in-community programs, which will encourage students and young athletes to stay active and improve their gross motor skills. 

We asked Marissa what she has enjoyed the most about her time as a Summer Intern for SOMD, and she was quick to bring it back to our athletes, Marissa said, “I enjoyed meeting so many athletes of all ages throughout my internship. They have brought so much joy into my work and I am grateful for them. I highly recommend interning with Special Olympics Maryland. Everyone in this organization is down to earth and loves every minute of their career. I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor than Mackenzie Irvin”.

Thank you, Marissa King, for taking the time to teach and help our Young Athletes to stay active and establish healthy habits for the future! Because of your help this summer, our athletes were able to learn new skills and gain a friend! Because of your efforts, we are one step closer to creating a world that will not be limited by a disability!

Are you interested in interning with Special Olympics Maryland? We have a lot of internship options in various capacities, whether you want to gain experience in the sports side, special events, finances, or marketing and communications we have opportunities for you. We welcome students seeking to experience a dynamic workplace while making a positive impact on the lives of Special Olympics Maryland athletes. If you want to learn more or are interested in becoming an intern please email