Healthy Athletes – MedFest

MedFest offers free sports physicals that all athletes need prior to participating in Special Olympics sports. MedFest assesses the following:

  • Blood pressure,
  • Temperature, 
  • Pulse, 
  • Height, 
  • Weight, 
  • Body mass index, 
  • Vision, hearing, 
  • Medical history, 
  • Potential medication side effects 
  • General physical health

MedFest also Fulfills several additional purposes such as: 

  • Recruiting new athletes to the Special Olympics movement 
  • Providing health professionals and health professions students clinical experience with patients with ID in a non-acute setting 
  • To foster partnerships between Special Olympics and the community

Sports Physicals should never be a barrier to participate in sports. With MedFest, Special Olympics brings those physicals to you so you can play the sports you love year round.