National Stay Out of The Sun Day

Special Olympics Maryland is encouraging everyone to give your skin a break from that hot burning sun on National Stay Out of The Sun Day! Whether you choose to spend this day relaxing in a hammock in the shade or spending the day at the beach under an umbrella, it is important to remember the dangerous effects the sun can have on our health.

The Facts

An average amount of time spent out in the sun will provide you with a healthy, natural dose of Vitamin D, but spending too much time in the sun can have harmful health effects. Sunlight is the main source of vitamin D, but is also the main cause of skin cancer. Our bodies need vitamin D and we produce it mainly from the sun. However, how much sun we need varies. Enjoying the sun safely and avoiding sunburn should help you get the vitamin D that your body needs. Too much UV from the sun raises the risk of skin cancer, skin damage, heat stroke, and heat exhaustion. 

Choose to protect yourself in the sun by doing the following:

  • Stand in the shade whenever possible, especially during midday hours (10am – 2pm)
  • Wear clothes that cover your skin when you are in the sun for long periods of time
  • Wear a hat. This protects your scalp
  • Wear sunglasses/shades
  • Use sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher and re-apply every two hours after swimming, sweating, or toweling off. Do not forget about your lips, ears, neck, and top of feet
  • Take a vitamin D pill everyday


Put on your best sun protecting gear you have and share on social media showing everyone how you can protect yourself from the sun using #StayOutOfTheSunDay and #SOMDSunSafety

Sun Safety Tips

Educational Posters

Sun Safety


Zoom Backgrounds
Virtual backgrounds are one of the easiest ways to spread awareness about National Stay Out of the Sun Day! On July 3rd you can replace your normal backdrop with one below to encourage others to stay out of the sun today in any Zoom meeting you have!

Right-click the image then save as to your computer. Open your Zoom application and update your background to the file you saved from this page.

Social Media

As you complete activities, please post pictures to SOMD Virtual Movement Facebook page ( using hashtags #InclusiveHealth and #SOMDSunSaftey.  If you’re using Instagram or Twitter, please tag @SPOlympicsMD and #SOMDSunSaftey.  No Social Media?  No problem?  Email pictures to  for us to include in our social media!

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