Hispanic Heritage Month: Meet David Godoy!

We are celebrating our Hispanic and Latino athletes all month long in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month which starts on September 15th and will last until October 15th. Learn more about Special Olympics Maryland Athlete Leader, David Godoy, and his Hispanic culture during the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month!

Today, David Godoy is an Athlete Leader and Law Enforcement Ambassador for Special Olympics Maryland and is inspiring people throughout Maryland. David learned about competing as an athlete for Special Olympics Maryland from his Special ED Teacher, who thought he would thrive in both competitions and our athlete leadership program. Since David started with Special Olympics in 1995, his family has supported him at each competition and athlete leadership opportunity like last year at the Police Plunge.

A few ways that his family continues to celebrate his heritage is by their family gathering for holidays, where they share a meal, set up a nativity, play games, and because he was born into a musical family they are always playing music together. During New Year, it’s a South American tradition to eat 12 grapes at midnight to celebrate the upcoming year. Another tradition that the whole family takes part in before everyone travels home, is everyone walks around the neighborhood with their suitcases for good luck on travel day. 

David wants to express his gratitude to his parents for making the difficult decision to move their family to the United States in 1990. Because of their choices, David is able to live his dreams of inspiring and helping people live more meaningful lives by being an Athlete Leader. David shared, “From the very beginning, in 1995, my family has supported me in all Special Olympic Maryland athlete leadership activities and sports throughout my time as an athlete. I am forever thankful to my parents for their continued support of my goals and dreams as a Special Olympics Maryland athlete, Athlete Leader, and Law Enforcement Ambassador.”

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