National Eat a Red Apple Day

National Eat a Red Apple Day encourages everyone to eat a red apple on December 1st! As the saying goes, “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away,” so put that theory to the taste and eat a red apple! Special Olympics Maryland is all about inclusive health and promoting healthy behaviors to help athletes compete at their very best. Health Promotion is part of Special Olympics Healthy Athletes that focuses on healthy living and healthy lifestyle choices. A great way to start living a healthier lifestyle is by eating a red apple!

The Facts

The Health Benefits of Eating Red Apples:

  • Improves Digestion-Apples with the skin on have a lot of fiber!
  • Improves Brain Health- Apples keep your brain cells healthy
  • Healthier Skin- Apples have Vitamin C in them, which helps improve the look of your skin as well as your hair and nails
  • Strengthens Immune System-Vitamin C can also help keep your immune system strong
  • Improves Eye Health-The vitamins that apples contain, Vitamin C and A, are healthy for your eyes
  • Reduces the risk of Heart Disease and Stroke
  • May help reduce risk of diabetes
  • Reduces the risk of cancer
  • Can help with weight loss and obesity
  • Strengthens Bones
  • Improves the health of your teeth
  • Promotes a healthier liver
  • Lowers the risk of asthma


Health Promotion Fact Sheet (PDF)

Apple Muffins Recipe

Apple Pie Bars Recipe


Zoom Backgrounds
Virtual backgrounds are one of the easiest ways to spread awareness about Eat a Red Apple Day! On December 1st you can replace your normal backdrop with one below to encourage others to eat an apple today in any Zoom meeting you have!

Right-click the image then save as to your computer. Open your Zoom application and update your background to the file you saved from this page.

Social Media

Enjoy a snack and sink your teeth into a delicious red apple! Apples pair great with peanut butter, cheese slices, or even a small cup of yogurt too. Another way to celebrate is by making a yummy apple recipe that will just fill your home with warm, welcoming apple scents! However you enjoy your eat a red apple day, share on social media using hashtag #SOMDEatARedAppleDay.

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