11/13 Move Meeting with Johns Hopkins!

Whose mascot is a Blue Jay and is located in Baltimore? If you guessed Johns Hopkins, you were right! This week’s endurance-focused #MOVEmentMeeting was hosted by JHU Special Olympics Club! Check out the recording of this great 20-minute workout for...

MOVEment Meeting: Endurance Workout with Nick Logan

#ICYMI here is Nick Logan's MOVEment Meeting from July 24th. Now, you can get your workout in on your own time! #VirtualMOVEment https://youtu.be/0mEKPziC5M8 https://youtu.be/Xw3tM0_9MJA

7/17 MOVEment Meeting with Monique Matthews

Monique Matthews is back as our host for this week's MOVEment Meeting! Check out the recording of her full-body workout using Fit5 exercises focused on flexibility, endurance, and strength! https://youtu.be/0mirHv8-1zM https://youtu.be/tL_W2l-i8kM

MOVEment Meeting: Endurance & Strength Workout with Faith McLuckie!

#ICYMI here is Faith McLuckie's MOVEment Meeting strength and endurance workout. We had a great time doing the workout, so we are sure you will too! https://youtu.be/b63kbhFomHA https://youtu.be/-eB6EqK4u_A

Schedule: July 6-12th

We are back in the full swing of things this week with lots of fun events in store for you! Check out our upcoming weeks schedule and mark your calendars! Monday YAPpy Hour: Monday Evening5:00-5:30pm on Google: https://bit.ly/2Y0h91J Sports Talk...

Fam Fitness: Host Families Wanted!

We had so much fun at our second Fam Fitness session last week with the Livingston's and now we are looking for hosts for our July session! Using Fit5 resources as a guide, the host family will lead group participants...

MOVEment Meeting: Endurance Workout with Annu Singleton

#ICYMI here is the recording of this week's Endurance MOVEment Meeting with host Annu Singleton. Check it out for a quick Friday workout. #VirtualMOVEment https://youtu.be/jH6OihBTsy8 https://youtu.be/NasOyLU7IZg

Fam Fitness: Sam & Richard Livingston (June 17th)

Check out this great partner workout with Sam and Richard Livingston! Make sure you have plenty of water ready to go. You'll need it! #VirtualMOVEment https://youtu.be/WCf8gUg1Ku0

NFL Virtual Play 60: Performance

Use this circuit workout to exercise your whole body, increase your heart rate, and keep your physical activity fun and exciting! #VirtualMOVEment https://youtu.be/Kh-jOJnYdkc

NFL Play 60: Agility

We are back with another NFL Virtual Play60 video featuring, Ruan Kerrigan! Learn these easy ways to move quickly and efficiently into different positions to increase your coordination. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuA2o9Mio_Q