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#StrongMindsSaturday: Self Care

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Strong Minds Saturday: Cranium Crafts (Valentine’s Day Cards)

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and it is important that we show our friends and family that we love them! With living in a digital world, most people send text messages to express their love and support for one another. That’s...

Handling Stress and Anxiety During the Election

If there is anything that we can agree on during this time it is that this year has been incredibly unpredictable and exceptionally stressful. Now with the added stress of a presidential election, according to the American Psychological Association’s latest...

Strong Minds: Self Care

Self-care is important for EVERYONE! While you are running around taking care of your household, remember to set time aside to allow your family to refresh. Check out this awesome article full of self-care tips for the whole family! Learn...

Strong Minds with Joe Wu!

This #StrongMindsSaturday instead of training your brain, read this article written by @Joe Wu, sharing his successes through various techniques that we share every Saturday! Check it out here, and congratulations Joe! Take Care of Yourself

Strong Minds: Game Day Minds

#DYK your brain controls your whole body? Sometimes we focus on strengthening our bodies and forget about our brains! Health Messengers, David Godoy and Nick Logan recently led the Game Day Minds Performance Station, encouraging everyone to strengthen their brain...

Stong Minds: Mindfulness Session #5

On #StongMindsSaturday we are focusing on Mindfulness, which is a state of awareness about things going on around us. Sometimes the world can get crazy and it’s hard to focus on the smaller things, if quarantine has made this difficult,...

Strong Minds Saturday: Making a Stress Ball

The last couple of weeks we have been talking about different ways to help you handle stress and anxiety. This week we got some help from our friends at Special Olympics Missouri. During their #SOMOVirtualCamp they made stress balls together....

Strong Minds: Deep Breathing Exercises

Got the quarantine blues? Stress level on high? Check out our Deep Breathing Activity, to learn how to utilize these tools to feel better while nervous or stressed! #StrongMindsStaurday

Strong Minds: Stress Stretches

Did you know that stretching can help to release tension from stress and make our minds and bodies feel better? Take some time on this #StrongMindsSaturday and do some strong stretches with SOMD Athlete Leader Terrell Limerick.